Bellevue Project - Ferrari Construction


Elapsed work time, survey to sign-off 4 months

with clean & expansive designs this space is wholly refreshing & built to embrace the most of life & entertainment.

Type: Full Renovation
Duration: 4 months
Budget: $125,000
Sq Ft: 894
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1

The Bellevue residence stands out as a masterclass in openly fresh living. The open design was further enhanced by a custom wrap-around kitchen & living area, including a breakfast bar. From the fittings & fixtures to the custom built cabinets, this project combines intelligent design with top quality construction to create a comfortable uninterrupted living space.

Featuring balcony doors in the bedroom & fully designed suites featuring underfloor heating & fully integrated wet-room.

Floor Plan
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Anthony is a long time friend of mine and always my go to for anything construction related. His experience, prestine attention to detail and charisma turns the usual stress of a renovation into a simple breeze. Thanks Anthony.

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